More than 100 Scrubber on board

While the worldwide in force coming sulphur limitation for the shipping industry gets closer, scrubber manufacturer Alfa Laval makes a first review. 

Alfa Laval PureSOx the choice for SOx abatement on over 100 vessels.
Alfa Laval PureSOx the choice for SOx abatement on over 100 vessels. © Alfa Laval

To date, a total of 109 vessels representing a diverse array of marine industry customers have put their trust in the Alfa Laval PureSOx platform for compliance with IMO SOx emissions regulations. Coincidentally, the 100th vessel to choose PureSOx was an newbuild project owned by Danish company DFDS, who also purchased the very first PureSOx scrubber back in 2009 for use aboard the RoRo vessel Ficaria Seaways. 

With over 75 PureSOx systems in operation today, Alfa Laval has the marine industry’s most extensive list of reference installations for any single SOx scrubber technology. This represents every PureSOx commissioned since the first installation, including those on board a number of other ships in the DFDS fleet. The shipping company currently has a total of 16 PureSOx scrubbers in operation on 13 of their vessels.

“The close, ongoing partnership we’ve been fortunate to build with DFDS and many other customers have been a great benefit for Alfa Laval,” says Erik Haveman, Sales Director, Exhaust Gas Cleaning at Alfa Laval. “They have been instrumental in helping us to better understand the needs facing marine customers when it comes to installing and commissioning SOx scrubber systems.”

A broad scope of experience

In the eight years since the first PureSOx system was installed aboard the Ficaria Seaways, Alfa Laval has been involved in a wide range of installation projects. Of the more than 100 vessels where PureSOx has been selected to meet emissions rules, 41 have been newbuild projects while over 60 have been for retrofits. “With this experience, our technicians have developed extensive expertise for finding solutions to match different customers’ unique needs,” explains Erik Haveman.

Additionally, the customers purchasing PureSOx systems represent the full spectrum of the marine industry. Today, the PureSOx platform can be found in operation on vessels ranging from RoRo and container ships to tankers and cruise liners.

“We are proud that customers from across the marine industry put their trust in Alfa Laval,” says Erik Haveman. “It’s been a testament to PureSOx as the market’s most complete SOx scrubber platform, as well as to the level of support we can offer as a true partner to our customers.”


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