Norwegian Rescue Society relies on MTU-Engines

Norwegian Sea Rescue Neubau RS IDAR ULSTEIN.
Norwegian Sea Rescue Neubau RS IDAR ULSTEIN. © NSR

Delivery of the all-new SAR boat design
The all-new 22 m SAR design has been delivered to the Norwegian Rescue Society. Ulstein-klassen is an aluminum offshore SAR boat designed with up to 38 knots speed, 12 ton bollard pull and a 4000 l/min fire cannon. It is equipped with the most advanced navigational, radar and towing equipment to enable efficient salvage and rescue operations on open waters up to 200 M from shore and along the harsh conditions of the Norwegian Coast. Swede Ship Marine AB, Fagerfjäll, has set a new standard for a SAR vessels.

Doppelmotorenanlage (MTU12V2000 M84) in Rettungsschiff.
Die Doppelmotorenanlage (MTU12V2000 M84) beschleunigt das Schiff auf bis zu 38 kn. © Tore Stensvold

RS IDAR ULSTEIN is the first vessel in the new ‘Ulstein class’, named after ULSTEIN’s long-time CEO. The newbuilding was named by lady sponsor Gunvor Ulstein in a ceremony in Ulsteinvik.
The 22 metre rescue vessel has a top speed close to 40 knots. By using powerful twin engines (2 x MTU 12V2000 M84, 1.220 kW each) and water jets (2 x RollsRoyce 56A3), she combines high speed with large bollard pull. RS IDAR ULSTEIN is outfitted with the latest in modern equipment for tackling demanding rescue operations in difficult weather conditions. Outfitted with a bow thruster of 50 kW and an onboard genset of manufacturer Cummins Onan, suppling 19 kW, the boat has enough electric power available.
“Short response time is essential to saving lives at sea. With this special boat we combine a high-speed vessel with the size needed to operate in the demanding coastal regions,” says Nicolai Jarlsby, President of the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (RS)
NOK 38 million cost
According to RS, the Search and Rescue (SAR) vessel is operated by a crew of three; captain, mate and chief. It has been stated that she will primarily serve coastal, fishing and recreational vessels. As well as emergency lifesaving and rescue, the vessel is designed to perform operations including towing, salvage, diving missions, fire, ambulance and medical transportation. The vessel is equipped with the latest in radar technology and an advanced thermal camera. This makes RS IDAR ULSTEIN a complete rescue vessel.
Ulstein Group has financed the major part of the total NOK 38 million costs. The boat will be stationed in Fosnavåg, and succeed the RS EMMY DYVI, which was currently based there.
“This is a gift in memory of Idar Ulstein, Ulstein Group’s CEO and Chairman of the Board through many years, who passed away in 2012. Idar Ulstein was a great supporter of RS. This donation, honouring his life and contribution to the maritime industry, will potentially help save the lives of many people experiencing difficulties off the Norwegian coast,” says Tore Ulstein, Chairman of the Board in Ulstein Group.

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