First 100-Percent Accumulator Powered, Air Supported Vessel, Launched in Riga

BB GREEN ready for test drives.
BB GREEN ready for test drives. © Effect Ships International

BB Green is the world’s fastest electric powered commuter vessel
The BB GREEN is the result of a five-year long EU-project. The vessel holds up to 70 passengers plus bikes, operates at a speed of 30 knots (56km/h) and is the first of its kind; it will initially be used for demonstration purposes across Europe.
The vessel is owned by SES Europe AS together with Green City Ferries, who will operate the ship on its maiden voyage.
BB GREEN is the abbreviation for: Battery-powered Boats, providing Greening, Resistance reduction, Electric, Efficiency and Novelty.

The Air Supported Vessel (ASV) technology reduces water resistance by having the ship operate on an air cushion. An electrically powered fan in the bow injects pressurised air into a cavity under the ship and supports some 80 percent of the vessel’s displacement. The resistance is reduced by 40 percent at high speed, which makes it possible for the 25-ton ship to reach a speed of 30 knots propelled by 2 x 280 kW electric motors.

BB GREEN includes a 200 kWh LTO (Lithium Titanate Oxide) energy storage system enabling it to operate at high speed for over 30 minutes with a 14 nautical mile (26 km) range. At each stop, it benefits from ultra-fast charging for 15-20 minutes. This makes BB Green “the world’s fastest electric commuter vessel” – perfect for commuting on inland waterways from outer suburbs to the city centre. The main goal with this test vessel is to prove feasibility of this new zero emission fast accumulator powered watercraft.

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Ulf Tudem, General Manager of Effect Ships International, explains: “Demonstrating the vessel’s performance and capabilites on realistic routes is considered to be the most convincing way for market introduction. There is considerable expressed interest for this new environmental friendly concept, from within and outside Europe; everybody is waiting for the first trials with the new vessel concept. SES Europe, Echandia and Latitude Yachts will be starting for planned tests and demonstrations”.
With positive test results, and the first BB GREEN orders secured, the project partners will finetune the concept and technology, prepare and offer a range of BB GREEN accu powered ASVs, with different sizes and capacities: starting at 15 m length (50 Pax) up to 30 m + ( 200 + Pax). The first demonstrator is 20/22 m (hull length/LOA). Depending on configuration this vessel may accommodate 60 – 90 passengers. To secure competitive prices combined with high quality, a modular design and a series production approach will be used.

The patented ASV concept (SES Europe AS / Effect Ships International AS) contributes to a significant reduction in the hull/water resistance (as much as a 40% reduction); vital for the targeted performance, efficiency and targeted range.
Tudem says: “Construction of the hull and superstructure is made of carbon, Devinycell, vaccum infused sandwich (engineering and materials by Diab AS, Norway). A strong and lightweight solution very important for keeping the operational weight down and secure the market leading efficiency claimed. The BB GREEN ASV hull has been designed for sheltered waters operation. For more demanding operations / thougher sea states BB GREEN vessels may be fitted with the ASV Soft Motion hull form”.

Echandia is the project’s driveline / electric systems integrator partner.
Leclanché, Switzerland, provided the turnkey accumulator energy storage system for this EU-project. Mr. Antti Väyrynen, Vice President of Leclanché, highlights the importance of this project, “Full electrification of passenger ferries will reduce local emissions and provide silent and comfortable transportation on waterways. As the leading manufacturer of lithium-ion energy storage systems in Europe, Leclanché is proud to have contributed to this very innovative project as the integrated accumulator system supplier.”

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