AustalFassmer founded to deliver Australia´s new Offshore Patrol Vessels

Fassmer OPV80
Fassmer OPV80

Fassmer and Austal have joined as AustalFassmer Pty Ltd. to deliver Australia´s future OPVs. AustalFassmer delivered a comprehensive proposal to the Australian Ministry of Defence for the OPVs at the end of March, being the only tenderer offering an existing and proven Australian surface shipbuilding capability. AustalFassmer team delivers the well proven Fassmer OPV80 tailored to the Royal Australian Navy requirements. With seven units built abroad and recent selection by the German Coast Guard in a public tender ahead of other European companies, including SEA1180 competitors Damen and Lürssen, Fassmer´s OPV80 is the design that fits the best for production in South and West Australia with the lowest risk. The vessels will be completely built by the most successful Australian Ship Builder in both Osborne and Henderson based mainly on an existing Australian supply chain. Fassmer also plans to execute most of the work under its new Australian subsidiary, which will ensure the development of the critical skills needed for an enduring sovereign shipbuilding capability.

Foto: Austal´s CEO David Singleton and Harald Fassmer onboard a Cape Class Patrol Vessel at Austal Shipyard in Henderson, Australia. © Fassmer

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