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Fassmer OPV80 ARC Victoria delivered by COTECMAR

COTECMAR shipyard in Cartagena Colombia, successfully delivered to the Colombian Navy on March 30th the latest of Fassmer´s OPV80 vessels, ARC MV VICTORIA. The vessel is the third OPV80 built by COTECMAR and includes several upgrades compared with the initial batch of two OPV80 already in service with the Colombian Navy. ARC VICTORIA includes a 76mm main gun (instead of 40mm) and a flight deck prepared to handle a Seahawk helicopter, among other improved features. The vessels have been built under license by COTECMAR in a cooperation agreement including logistic, engineering and commissioning support from Fassmer. The timely delivery of ARC MV VICTORIA including all design and construction updates is another step in the successful cooperation between COTECMAR and Fassmer and displays the well-known flexibility and high performance of Fassmer´s OPV80 design.

Dipl. -Ing. Peter Pospiech
Redaktionsleitung bei mit Schwerpunkt Schiffsbetriebstechnik, Transport, Logistik, Schiffahrt, Hafen und dem weitreichenden Thema Umweltschutz sowie gesetzliche Auflagen für Antriebsmaschinen.

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