LNG Supply BV and Torgy LNG AS build self-propelled LNG bunker barges.

LNG-Barge Type-A-tanks
LNG-Barge Type-A-tanks. ©Torgy LNG Supply

The first real small LNG bunker vessels with Type-A- tanks, to be deployed at ARA and lower Baltics

Sven Halvorsen CEO of Torgy and Koos Blaazer, director of LNG Supply BV have signed an MoU for the development, procurement and operation of two 700 ton payload Torgy A-type tank LNG bunker barges. The barges will be sea-going and will feature the newly approved Torgy IMO Type-A-LNG tanks.

The barges are designed in close cooperation with several (potential-) customers, among others offering specific Lanai-deck provisions and Ship-to-Ship and Ship-to-Shore bunkering possibilities The barges will be operated by Grona Shipping at the greater ARA region, ranging from Cherbourg to Cuxhaven and inland to Duisburg. Supply at various UK-ports is an option. The second barge will be operated in the Lower Baltics and will feature 1A ice class.

On focus are customers that require 100 to 700 ton of LNG at each bunkering. Customers will range from Short Sea Operators, Cruise Ships, Ferry Operators and Dredgers to Terminal Operators.

About the barges: the barges will be of Torgy design utilizing the Torgy A-tank design. These tanks follow the ship hull and offer the most efficient Solution leading to very economical operations. The barges will be sea-going, with low draft to be able to do bunkering operations in the Inland waterways system in this area. The barges will be fuelled by NG and prepared for Ship-to-Ship bunkering as well as Ship-to-Terminal.

Blaazer says: “On operation an environmental footprint as small as possible is aimed for. We think we can achieve this by using a multi-engine-hybrid-gas-electric drive: three to four spark-ignited gas engines.  Each engine will drive a generator. Energy storage will be used to optimize engine performance. Engine-output will be between 250 to 350 kW. The engines in principle will run at full load or switched off. The energy storage system will provide the balance.  Propulsion is of twin pods aft and a bow thruster fore. Also the accumulators will provide drive redundancy. Operational Start of the first barge will be 1.Quarter 2019 and the second barge approximately half year later”.

About the market: LNG Supply BV is convinced that the LNG market will be a high volume, low margin environment and that LNG storage should be limited as much as possible. The Torgy type A-tank supports this opinion. Some of the large capacity holders have expressed their support for this initiative

Decarbonization: the drive for bio-LNG/LBG is undeniable. Specifically the ARA barge is well suited to facilitate the physical supply of LBG (liquefied bio gas) and to promote a credible development of a bio-LNG/LBG market. Currently LNG Supply BV is discussing with relevant parties the distribution of LBG. It will be clear that the barges themselves will have the smallest possible environmental foot print.

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