BIMCO practical guidance on safe launching and recovery of lifeboats

Vorfall bei Rettungsbooteinsatz auf der Costa-Mediterranea.
Vorfall bei Rettungsbooteinsatz auf der Costa-Mediterranea. © P. Pospiech
Broschüre “Avoid Lifeboat Accidents”
Broschüre “Avoid Lifeboat Accidents”. © BIMCO

Aron Sorensen, Head of Maritime Technology & Regulation at BIMCO said:

“We have seen too many accidents with lifeboats resulting in fatalities and injuries. This new pamphlet provides the master and crew with solid, experience-based advice on the use of fall preventer devices (FPDs) during lifeboat operations. We sincerely hope that this pamphlet can help to reduce and avoid such tragic accidents in the future”.

BIMCO has developed a brandnew guidance for seafarers on the safe launching and recovery of lifeboats using fall preventer devices (FPDs), aiming to reduce the number of seafarer fatalities and injuries.

The “Avoid Lifeboat Accidents” pamphlet gives clear guidance on how to prevent accidents with lifeboats and rescue boats equipped with on-load release systems. It advises whether additional precautions in the form of FPDs are appropriate, and if so, when and how to use them safely and effectively when launching and recovering the boat. Other failure devices and new innovative hook systems are examined too.

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