First Fjord1 ferry with automatic fjord crossing

The battery-powerd ferry Husavik was recently christened . © Fjord1
The battery-powerd ferry Husavik was recently christened . © Fjord1

The MF HUSAVIK, recently christened in Leirvik, Norway, is the first in a series of 13 accu-powered ferries with automatic fjord-crossing functionality under construction for Fjord1 at Havyard Ship Technology AS.

Against stiff competition, Havyard won the contracts covering both equipment and ship construction. The propulsion system was delivered by Norwegian Electric Systems (NES), now a fully owned Havyard Group subsidiary. The Autocross system was supplied by Norwegian Control Systems with which NES works closely.

Although the ferry’s captain can take manual control if he wishes, the Autocross system is designed to function completely automatically. Vessel speed, power to the propeller and the ferry’s precise crossing route are set automatically together with the optimal defined acceleration and deceleration curves to ensure the most economical operation in relation to estimated time of arrival. The ferry’s speed is adjusted continuously throughout the crossing to maximise fuel efficiency.

Lasse Stokkeland, executive vice president of Havyard Ship Technology, said: “The competition for these assignments was tough, and it’s very motivating to witness the christening of our very first battery-powered ferry which is almost ready for delivery. Now we will maintain full focus on delivering all the other ferries on time and on budget as well, and with the same good quality.”

Fjord1’s CEO Dagfinn Neteland, commented: “It’s an impressive ferry and we are very happy with the result.”

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