Tug use in Port. A Practical Guide

Buchcover Tug Use in Port. © Verlag
Buchcover Tug Use in Port. © Verlag

The present invaluable book “Tug Use In Port. A Practical Guide” has been completely revised and published now in the 3rd edition.

First published in 1997, with a second edition in 2002, `Tug Use in Port’ is known as the ‘tug bible’ – the essential practical guide to port towage and escort operations.

Since the publication of the second edition, developments in tug design and operation have continued to improve tug capabilities as well as effective and safe tug use. Sadly, there have still been a number of accidents, often with dramatic consequences.

The 310 page book, internationally researched and practical in outlook, is for my opinion (being a former Chief Engineer) probably the most comprehensive operational guide ever produced on the use of tugs in ports. It covers: tug design, harbor tugs, escort tugs, assisting methods, tug capabilities and limitations, It explains and describes, with numbers of graphs and images, in detail bollard pull required, interaction and tug safety, towing equipment – just to mention a few.

A special eye has been put on training and tug simulation. The author Capt. Henk Hensen, explains it in this way: “Training is necessary to become a tug master or pilot. In several ports tug master training is still only carried out ‘on the job’ and the same is true for most ports with respect to pilot training on the subject of tugs and tug use”.

This book is specifically written for maritime professional involved in the day-to-day practice and training of ship handling with tugs, particularly pilots, tug masters and training instructors. It should also be of value to towing companies, shipmasters and mates of seagoing vessels and all other people or organisations involved, one way or other, with tugs and ship handling.

Capt. Hensen comments: “Not all aspects of tugs and ship handling with tugs could be addressed in detail in this book – which should be seen as a guide to the reader, while at the same time encouraging a further search for knowledge. The references mentioned at the end may prove useful. The tug world is fast changing, although the basic principles for tugs and tug operations do not change that much.

Hensen continues: “It is my earnest hope that this book will contribute to an improved knowledge of tugs and lead to increasing safety in tug and ship handling operations in ports, port approaches and offshore terminals around the world”.

We, the editors of VEUS-Shipping.com and the Association of European Shipping Journalists (VEUS e.V.) support and recommend strongly this invaluable book

Capt. Henk Hensen: Master Mariner F.G.; Rotterdam Pilot; Marine Consultant

Tug Use in Port. A Practical Guide
Author: Capt. Henk Hensen
Bound edition, 310 pages
Numerous coloured images and graphs
Published by: The ABR Company Ltd
ISBN 978-1-904050-34-6
To be ordered at: www.tugandosv.com
3 rd edition
Language: English
available since June 2018
Price: 45 EUR

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