Van der Velden supplies High Efficiency Rudders to COSCO Container Vessels

100m2 Full Spade rudders for 20,000 TEU container ships for COSCO Containers

Atlantic Rudder with ART™ profile.
Atlantic Rudder with ART™ profile and Costa bulb is especially suitable when more speed or more comfort is important. © Van der Velden

In 2015, Van der Velden Marine Systems, part of the Damen Shipyards Group, has been nominated  to supply rudders for five 20,000 TEU mega containerships ordered by China Cosco Shipping Corporation Limited at Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co (DSIC) and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding. The delivery of the rudders is scheduled to take place this year and the vessels are expected to be launched in 2018.

For these vessels, Van der Velden is supplying its largest ATLANTIC rudders with ART™ (Asymmetric Rudder Technology) design and bulb, each having an area of approximately 100 m2 and weighting over 250 tonnes.

The rudders are specially optimised for minimum cavitation at high speed, as well as ensuring first-class course-keeping and manoeuvrability. Their water-lubricated synthetic bearings are long-lasting and require little maintenance. The rudders are designed for easy dismounting when inspections and repairs are needed.

A special layout modifies the profile above and below the centreline of the propeller in a way that allows the effects of the rotation of the propeller’s slipstream to be countered. This expands the cavitation-free rudder angle and reduces drag (increasing speed or improving fuel consumption).

Reduced rudder cavitation results in an extended lifespan for the rudders and shaft bearing systems. Other important benefits of reducing cavitation are low vibration and low noise levels.

“We are very proud that China Cosco Shipping Corporation Limited, one of the largest container shipping lines in the world, has selected Van der Velden Marine Systems as the supplier for the rudders on their newest mega container vessels,” says Van der Velden Marine Systems Managing Director Wim Knoester. “With these contracts, we are pleased to say that we have strengthened our position in the Chinese market.”

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